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al of ●23-thousand yuan.The● weather's heat◆ing up in Bei●jing, and so are pr●ices for ref●rigerators.● Despite the s◆ales around town, 〓store clerk〓s say refrigerator 〓prices
are 〓indeed higher than ●those of last y●ear.Price h.

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d non-ferrou○s metals will keep○ the pressure on h〓ome appliance man〓ufacturers.Rur●al consumption has a○lways played ■a key role in boos●ting domestic consum〓ption, especially am◆id the global fina●ncial crisis.○ Now more province■s and cities ac◆ross China are〓 benefiting from a p〓ilot pro

  • nd oil ●and the Chinese ◆yuan's continued ap○pr
  • eciation have pus■hed up the pric●es o
  • f home app○liances in China.Din■g Lan, Suni◆ng Electr
  • oni■cs said "The p◆rices of ab○out 90 p
  • ercent of a●ll refrigerators ha◆ve increased. And
  • ○they've grown 4 t●o 6 percent."A ○medium-pri
  • ced r○efrigerator● costs about 4000 〓yuan.
  • A 5 percent ●increase means c○ustomers
  • h●ave to pay● 200 yuan mor〓e for the same prod
  • u◆ct. The China● Home Electronics ■Ap
  • pliance Asso◆ciation says pric〓es for home a●ppliance
  • s ●have increase●d 15 percent since t〓h

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gram that■ offers subsidies to● farmers buying hom■e appliances. If● everythin〓g goes smoothly, th●e program will f〓urther expand in F○ebruary of● next year.Under the● subsidy scheme, th■e central government■ gives farmers a 13● percent subsidy ◆on purchases of○ certain home● appliance

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hikes o◆f up to 30 percent.X

s. These● include washing m●achines, color ●TVs, refrigerato?/p>

s and even mobile p●hones.Authorities h●ave also lo●wered their re◆quirements fo●r manufact●urers who provide a●ppliances ◆for the subsidy p◆rogram.In a ●small town in ●Shandong

Provin◆ce, the project■ is increasing farme●rs' interes○t in buying home ap〓pliances.Meng Qin■gdong, one Shandong ●farmer said "It's ○much chea

per〓 now to buy ●this color TV under● the subsidy● plan. After○ the purchase, I on●ly need to apply◆ to local financia●l authorities with 〓a rece

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●u Dongsheng, Dep

ipt and 〓my ID card, t○hen within ●a couple of w◆eeks, the g

overnme●nt will give me ●the funds. "As ■each home appli〓ance in the p■rogram has a so■rt of ID car●d, farmers can ○get useful ●informatio○n through a special ■system.Zheng ●Shuw

ei, Direct●or of Comprehensive ●Department of Min〓istry of Com■merce said "By〓 using this● system, you◆ can find out inf●ormation on hom■e appl

iances' pro●duction an〓d sales,and you ca●n also find out if ■there is a subsidy ■for a partic〓ular item. Farm◆ers can also lea○rn how much the su

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u■ty Chief S■ecr Over 2,000 Customers

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AA said "Th●e price hikes can ■be attributed to 〓the higher c◆ost of raw mate〓rials and logist●ics."To attract cus■tomers, many home a○ppl
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iance manufac◆turers hav◆e added more fu○nctions to thei○r products● and given thei〓r appliances ne●w looks.One sh●opper said "If● the price ○is accep
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